I feel immersed in the sense memory of color, vertical dripping lines, layered, textured paint strokes, and such gorgeous movement and energy playing with my perception so that I might not rest on understanding...but continually engage in a lush and dynamic mystery. — Beth Graczyk, 2012

I grew up with a mother who was a painter and a gardener with a deep love of trees, barns, flowers, and landscapes. For much of my life I deliberately avoided following in her footsteps as I searched for my own identify. I would be a dancer not a visual artist, I would go out west and not stay east, and, when I did find myself deeply pulled into the visual realm, I explored the human form and experimented with abstraction. 

Many years later, I am still immersed in the world of painting and drawing, with recent work focusing on trees, gardens, and landscapes. What was once deliberately resisted has become a core concern, and I am grateful for how profoundly educated and influenced I have been by my mother’s visual intelligence.