As a visual artist, I create dynamic maps that reference the organic world. These maps are filled with luminous, tactile markings informed by intense color. My work wrestles to find meaning in-between the literal and the abstract.  

All mark-making is evidence of physical action. I begin by building the surface through dynamic actions as I pursue the malleable nature of the materials. Materials include acrylic paint, sumi-e ink, pencil, pastel, markers, glitter glue. The element of water is key, and on canvas I challenge layers of acrylic by spraying, wiping, diluting, scrubbing, rinsing, blotting, and sanding the paint to build a complex surface. As the surface emerges, I articulate and refine elements of the residual form using drawing and masking techniques to strengthen the image. Color enriches and defines the emotional resonance of each work.

I am increasingly compelled by the place where accident and deliberate action meet and am particularly interested in activating visual tension between the raw and the refined, between the organic and the decorative.

I am also drawn to the potential of a second life, a uniquely divergent life, as a seed inside each new painting or drawing, and use digital tools to transform images from my work to patterns.