The SOLO(s) Project
to Nov 6

The SOLO(s) Project

In collaboration with composer Jarrad Powell, I've created solo stories for a stellar inter-generational cast of Seattle dance artists: Corrie Befort, Jade Solomon Curtis, Alice Gosti, Jim Kent, Mark Haim, Sean O’Bryan, and Linsyanne Owen.

The SOLO(s) Project provides an opportunity for me to deepen my knowledge and further my investigation of the transformative creative relationship between choreographer and performer. In SOLO(s), I explore the creation of compelling movement stories shaped through the lens of an authentic response to each dancer. My movement research accesses a range of creation tools including visual and language scores, animal imagery, exploring movement through the use of props and costumes, and a process of recasting in which I unearth shards of potent images from 22+ years of performance research and respond to these fragments through new explorations and inventions.

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