My Seattle studio is a 2400 square foot space that serves me as a workshop, rehearsal space, office, filming location, and gallery. New Work 2017-2019 captures some of the works currently on exhibit as well as a selection of works-in-progress.

I am currently focusing on an in-depth review of the unfinished works that have accumulated over the past 15 years of art-making.

With the passing of my artist/mother Miriam W. Scott at the age of 94, I was particularly struck by the reality of ‘what an artist leaves behind’ - the years of finished and unfinished works and experiments - and by the challenge of figuring out how to honor, archive, disperse and ultimately reduce a beloved artist’s body of work.

On returning to my own studio in Seattle I was overwhelmed by that reality as a lens on my own ‘collection’ and I determined that throughout the 2019 year I would focus heavily on reviewing, completing, transforming the multitude of unfinished works on paper and canvas that I have held on to. This is proving to be a challenging but richly rewarding and liberating process.